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Please enjoy this list of ham radio related resources


Brian's Favorite-- Ham Radio Online Technician Study tool
Ham Radio Technician Free Audio Courses
Another Ham Radio Technician Free Flash Cards, Question Pool, and Practice Testing

Here are some options for anyone who wants to try passing a ham exam.

Nampa Group...... Third Saturday of each month

VE testing is at the fire training building and normally on the third Saturday of month from 9:00 A.M. at 300 W. Railroad in Nampa. If upgrading to General or Extra bring your original license, a copy of your license, two forms of ID, (one with a picture), and $14 cash for the testing fee.
If taking your Tech Class license, bring two forms of ID (one with a picture) and $14 cash.

Boise Group.... First Saturday of each month

First Saturday of each month (location unknown at this time) Please contact the Voice of Idaho amateur radio club for details. http://www.voiceofidaho.org

Payette Group... Possibly the 2nd Saturday of each month; Call to confirm.

To locate the place, date and time of the next testing session, check our events calendar or contact one of the following VE's.
Jim Johnson W7TYG 208-642-2823
Harvey Easton K7UQ 208-452-6073
Jay Kurpjuweit KE7RMV 208-674-2069

Baofeng UV5R Field Programming Chart
Treasure Valley 2 Meter Repeaters in Numerical Order
FRS MURS HAM Handout number 1


Please do feel free to contact me at 208-965-3260 or WW2K@live.com